Visions PhotoArt

Provence Café

This photo was taken in Provence, but the picture lacked the ethereal, artistic quality that was present on that late October afternoon.  After many months of work, numerous layers came together in the right balance, and “Provence Cafe” the “watercolor” was born.

The photo that became “Light” was taken on a very grey day in the dead of winter. The photograph underwent many transitions, one in which the tree trunks are white and pink and lavender streaks of motion leave a windswept trail.  “Light” is the portent of spring.

The Subjects
Nancy Kauffman’s photos are almost always void of humans, but they are never void of human emotions.  In her eyes, the world has every shrug, every raised eyebrow, every emotion … all of humanity’s nuances expressed in the understated elegance of our surroundings.


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