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Upattinas is a forward-thinking, innovative school located in pastoral Chester County, PA. NJM Advertising designed the 40-year-old school’s new logo, then integrated that logo into an ad presence that is as unique as the school itself.

New Century Bank
New Century Bank opened in 1997 in Phoenixville, PA.  Prior to its opening, NJM Advertising developed the Bank’s logo and marketing strategy.  NJM then handled the marketing program for the Bank’s first seven years of business.

Green Meadow Waldorf School
The Green Meadow Waldorf School is one of the oldest Waldorf Schools in the country. This unique institution, located in Rockland County, New York, chose NJM Advertising to create a new logo and new ads that convey the school’s sensitivity to the arts.

DESCCO is a premier design/construction firm, with projects ranging from retirement communities and residential developments to civic and municipal work. NJM Advertising designed DESCCO’s logo in 1985. Over the years, NJM developed numerous marketing materials, including ad campaigns, a sales video, a new logo and brochure for AIM,  a records storage business founded by DESCCO.

Fleetwood Bank
Fleetwood Bank is a vital community bank based in Fleetwood, PA.  NJM Advertising developed the Bank’s logo, tagline, and signage for their branches.  NJM has maintained and serviced the Bank’s advertising and marketing needs for over two decades.

Berks County Bar Association
NJM Advertising was chosen by the Berks County Bar Association to create and produce ad campaigns and to steer the organization’s public relations efforts.

Lukens Construction
Lukens Construction chose NJM to redesign their logo and to create marketing materials that reflect the company’s high quality standards.


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